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最具影响力的彩票刮刮乐能中大奖吗:Fund fixed investment

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内容摘要: It is said that every investor has a “good” desire before he wants to enter the market: buy before the stock price rises and sell it before...

It is said that every investor has a “good” desire before he wants to enter the market: buy before the stock price rises and sell it before the stock price falls. For almost everyone, however, this can only be an unrealistic and beautiful "wish." Because the actual situation is that almost no one can accurately avoid all the decline in stock price fluctuations, just enjoy the process of stock price rise.

Take the recent market conditions, watching the Shanghai Composite Index from 3,000 points all the way to break through the integer mark until July 6 hit a 2691 half-year low in 2691. At this time, more and more voices are chanting "opportunities are falling out", "valuation has fallen more and more cost-effective", and "in the long-term perspective, A shares are welcoming a rare opportunity to intervene"...but the more Under the falling market, the risk appetite is lower and lower, and the more difficult it is to convince themselves to start their own investment in the “relatively low position”.

At this time, as everyone has seen, there are more and more recommendations for the fund to vote for . Then, at this time, can you start preparing your fund to vote for plan? Yes, this time I really can consider starting.

There are too many articles about the fund's fixed investment. Here we will simplify the following operational issues.

When is the fund scheduled to start?

The charm of the fund's fixed investment is that when the market is not , investors still make regular fixed investment, then you can get more chips than other types of investors at the same cost, so that their long-term investment costs are Spreading low, so that the stock market returned to the original price after a wave of peaks and troughs, but investors can make a profit.

That is to say, the fund's fixed investment is actually a long-term investment strategy of “low-selling chips and high-selling profits”. Its more significant feature is that it weakens the importance of the timing of market entry. When the stock price tends to fall to a low point in the short term, the rate of return to a high position will be higher than the middle to cover the peaks and valleys or other circumstances, but whenever you choose to enter the market, the unit will be lowered by long-term fixed investment. Position cost, as long as the stock market eventually returns to the normal value point or higher, the previous share of the reserve will bring a rich return.

Understand the above principle, then the first key point of the fund's fixed investment is to start the vote at a relatively low level, such as the current time we are experiencing.

Funds must be learned to "forget"

Once asked, Buffett, if you are not a professional investor but an office worker, how would you invest?

Buffett said that he put all his money into the S\u0026P fund, and then shut down the account to work hard. This answer, here gives us some thoughts on the fund's fixed investment: after the fund is scheduled to start, there is no need to pay attention to the account profit and loss data frequently in the short term.

For fund investment, when the market fluctuates greatly, the fluctuation of fund net value will be larger, and the fund that investors voted may lose money when the net value drops significantly. In addition, fixed investment is a long-term investment. If you try to try it for half a year or a few months, or if you try to stop it halfway, you may end up with a loss. The test of fixed investment is endurance. It is necessary to believe that a long-term fixed investment can cover a certain high point of investment, or else it will become a high probability event. What is even more undesirable is that you must not cut your flesh in the bear market. As long as you stick to the next bull market, the chips that once lost will become the "main force" to make money in the future.

Funds can not forget what to vote?

For investors who make long-term fund investment, the entry time is relatively unimportant. After starting the fixed investment plan, they temporarily “forget it”, but there is a time to forget, that is, the exit timing of the fund's fixed investment (Take profit) point).

The law of fixed investment revealed by big data tells us that the exit time point of the fund's fixed investment is the key to affect the return of the fund's fixed investment, but the core is to test the investment mentality and must adhere to long-term investment.

Finally, let's end with this sentence: the fund is determined to insist on long-term investment, reduce the amount of investment, dilute the investment cost, and use time to change space to outperform the market. In the case of a bear market with a long span, although it may lose money in the short term, it is a good time to accumulate capital in terms of a long period of time.





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